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joe wendt

Joe Wendt

Foster Joseph Wendt

Joe has been a performer since his youth. He was in a band while in the Navy but when he came back to civilian life he settled down with his bride and raised two beautiful girls. Tragically, Joe’s wife died of complications due to diabetes and his world and reason for working for ‘the man’ changed abruptly. He officially retired and started writing poetry and songs. His incredible images come through his mind like water from your kitchen tap. Joe is currently playing at various open stages around town and with a jam band. He’d love to have enough money to travel in a small RV around the country, gathering stories for his catalog. E-mail

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Remember When

Hammerhead Blues

Down Home State of Mind


bonnie botham

President of Licksun Lyrics Music

Bonnie’s love of music is expressed through many wonderful years of performing both solo and in ensemble. She has been involved in radio television music programming and currently is writing and publishing her own material plus works by select songwriters.

“ I’ve always written small verses, haiku and other song poetry, but was inspired to expand that work during my study of Julia Cameron’s Artists Way. I’ve been a radio disc jockey-announcer since ’79; in that time I’ve heard and loved countless songs. I seem to write in the folk genre, trying to convey something specific to the listener. Meanwhile I love to sing and play with others, love the music of Harold Arlen and have plans to record a solo album of his songs.”

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Little Girl Gone

melanie Disa

melanie disa - true album cover

Melanie D’Isa

Melanie’s vocal talent was evident from the beginning. The youngest of six, she had to be recognized for something special and music is her forte. She was accepted into Boston Conservatory and graduated with honors. Lennon said ‘Life is what happens when we are busy making plans’ and Nicolas is one reason why Melanie is still working for ‘the man’. Her writing touches the heart while her voice touches the soul.

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Am I

Ease The Pain

Burn For You

All The Years

ethan janke

ethan janke - tomorrows son album cover

Ethan Janke

Growing up in San Diego, Ethan was the front man for several ‘garage bands’. His work with ‘Tomorrows Son’ net the self titled CD. Today Ethan is the leader of his own band that is Ethan, Nina, Lalena, Tristan, and Jaden.

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Keepin' On

My Blue Soul

Welcome to Today

A Different Path

Princess Passion



Feelin' Real


Hold On


Time The Thief

sammy king

sammy king - unsolicited material

Sammy King

sammy king

Sammy has a degree from the prestigious Berklee School of Music. He has lived all over the US with time off for good behavior. His exceptional violin is in great demand for weddings while his fired-up fiddle is heard at all the best parties. His songwriting just begins to express some of his profound impressions of life on the planet. Website:

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Frogs in Love

Gypsy Jig

Cat Daddy

Nobody's Dumber





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